Skillshare Classes:

These are the classes I’m currently teaching on, you can read more about each below, feel free to leave me a note if there’s something specific you’re looking for as I’m always thinking up of new courses. Also remember to sign up below for my newsletter to stay in the loop!


My most popular class, I recommend this to writers who have some experience but maybe are new to writing for film. If you have no writing experience then check out the other two options below -

Great for those who have never made so much as an attempt at writing and magnificent for those who have thought about it, maybe tried and convinced themselves to give up. This class is a great place to simply start.
— Rebecca Liddiard



This is my favorite of the three classes I currently teach, but be warned it’s a little unorthodox.

Within the first few lessons, I’d hurdled over major roadblocks I was having my main character, simply because I was being told to look at pieces of my character and paint each one precisely, rather than putting all the pieces together and trying to paint her as a whole.
— Grace Zimmermann



A short and sweet class on how to use post-it notes in a tactile, nonlinear way to flesh out the first draft of your fiction or nonfiction piece.

I enjoyed this. The elemental aspect of using post-its reminds me of mind maps but without the need for a linear process. The length of this class was just right. I feel like I have another tool to use when I write.
— Shanta Carson



A short class on how creatives can use a Kanban chart to keep track of their projects and tasks.

I’m a young student that’s currenly juggling quite a lot of work. Like most people, I’ve gone through dozens of to do list apps and calanders and all sorts trying to get to find a way to organize myself. I’m really connecting with this method and I’ve currently got a big ol’ masking tape kanban board up on my wall. It’s a great technique, a great class and Kasem is a great teacher. Thanks!
— Hughi Jones