About Ella

Ella is a friend with an amazing story.

When Ella was four years old, she was happily cooking in the kitchen with her mother. Then, in an instant, everything changed.

Ella was curious about what was on the stove, and she reached up. By accident, she put her elbow in the pot, which was full of boiling water. It hurt her, so she pulled back, dragging the pot off the stove and pouring the water on top of her.

Ella had third-degree burns on over 30 percent of her body. Surgery needed to be done, with doctors cutting into her body again and again so she wouldn’t lose mobility from all the scars.

Now, there’s an intensity in Ella’s eyes that you don’t see in a lot of people. She’s unashamedly political. She faces life with a courage that few people can understand. She didn’t flinch about the life in front of her. She embraced it.

But this isn’t about her story at all. It’s about you.

Here’s what happened next. Ella started doing fire performance. She embraced the thing that hurt her. She figured out how to use torches and alcohol to light parts of herself on fire as part of a show. She did this on stages all across Canada.

Think about it for a second. The girl who got burned at the age of four, with scars all over her body, turned fire into her weapon. It sounds like a movie.

But there are people like this. They’re different. They’ve made a choice about where they want to go. Life teaches them lessons the rest of us don’t have a chance to learn.

They take paths that others don’t.

excerpt from: Julien Smith; The Flinch