Review of 'The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying Everything' by Charlotte Hilton

I totally love the concept behind this short fitness book. It’s based on a blog and for the book Hilton summarizes twelve fitness experiments she ran on herself with friends. She does a good job of summarizing each methodology, everything from Crossfit to Tracy Anderson, and her physical and emotional results. The major lesson I took away from her journey is that there’s more than one solution to reach your goals and ultimately you should steer yourself in the direction of what kind of ‘hard exercise’ you  actually enjoy doing. Because of her I feel less guilty about including many different approaches into the same training sessions, like interweaving kettlebell lifts with TRX training. I’ve become less reliant on the sage advice of one fitness expert or the fitness craze of the moment. I’m now more willing to be my own trainer, to experiment and try out crazy stuff in the gym while tracking my results in search of the methods that actually work. Highly recommend this if you’re addicted to fitness and looking for ways to make it less routine and more interesting.