Review of 'The Way of the Screenwriter' by Amnon Buchbinder

I was looking forward to reading this based on word of mouth. But overall there’s better books out there depending on what exactly you’re looking for from a screenwriting manual. It covers the basics, scene & script structure, character development, with an esoteric, ‘inside-out’, tone. I don’t feel I necessarily 'learned’ anything new but was reminded again of the fundamentals. Based on what your looking for I suggest alternatives. For inspiration and to get you through the first draft of your script, I recommend the fiction writing classics Bird by Bird and Writing Down the Bones. For the fundamentals of dramatic construction, from writing scenes to short scripts, I recommend Crafting Short Screenplays that Connect. And to explore how more advanced screenplay structures, involving flashback and multiple storylines & protagonists, are put together (e.g. The Usual Suspects, The Sweet Hereafter) investigate Screenwriting Updated.