review on 'Art & Fear' from Amazon

I agree that this is a very clearly, respectfully, and unpretentiously written book that can serve as a companion to any artist. Making art can otherwise be a lonely,daunting undertaking. My concern for readers of this book, as with readers of The Artist’s Way, is that it can be a pacifier.

If it gets you to your work sooner and with greater courage and confidence, all the better. But if it substitutes for the process itself–makes you feel better but does not get you “working”–then it’s something to pick up but let go of.

There’s a growing genre of books like this out there, some (such as this one) better than others. The sage advice gets recycled, as do the homilies from famous people. And again, that’s fine, as long as they get us to a place where we are working with more energy and joy, but perhaps not so fine if the internal process becomes more interesting than the art-making.

Did you paint today? No. But I reread passages of ‘Art & Fear’…