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By L. S. Evensen

I found this book useful for an introduction to the construction and use of Arabic grammar. In addition it introduces some vocabulary that would be useful in reading the Q'uran. The good things about it are 1) its clarity in description, as well as the typeface and layout 2) it concision - it is not too much to absorb by oneself, so if you don't have access to a class and/or a teacher and have learned the script ,you can easily learn the grammar concepts that this book presents.


5 Stars Clear, concise, and basic

By Michael Akard

I really liked this short book. To use it, you need to already have a grasp of Arabic orthography and phonology (how to write the letters and how to pronounce the sounds), but that's about all. Thus, it is not the first step to learning Arabic, but maybe the 3rd or 4th step.

Also, and this is important, it is strictly grammar-translation. You will not acquire any communicative ability at all, so if your sole objective is to speak Arabic with people, this might not be a good book for you. However, if you're looking for a very basic text that will help you to learn a few nouns, a few verbs, and some simple classical/standard grammar, you might find this book rewarding.

The 84-page manual is divided into 10 chapters of 7-8 pages each. Each chapter gives a brief and clear explanation of the learning objective and a few examples. Then, the student is given some new vocabulary to practice writing (never very much, usually only a few words), and some exercises to complete. Following the exercises are the answers, so the student can self-check his or her work.

Topics addressed include gender, definite and indefinite nouns, singular and plural nouns, independent and attached pronouns, prepositions and verbs (masculine and feminine singular past tense only), and idafah. Every unit is quick and specific.

4/5 stars

good Arabic study

By Joy

I find this a very friendly book for the beginning process of learning Arabic grammar. It assumes a knowledge of the alphabet, sun and moon letters and the capacity to transliterate Arabic. It presents it's information in small chunks, easy to assimilate. It is very readable and easy to understand. It's vocabulary is useful to readers of the Quran. It gives a foundation on which to build a more complex understanding of the language.